Initial Test Results

The aim of this project is to compare different ways of teaching English as a foreign language in adult education in all partner countries and to try to improve the teaching methodology in each institution participating in the project. A research is being carried out in every partner country in order to compare teaching methods, techniques, materials and to provide information about the way English as an international language is taught to adults. In order to get a general idea about the English level in adult education across Europe, a test was designed by the English teachers from the four partner institutions involved in the project. The aim of this initial test, covering the main language skills (except speaking, because of implementation problems), was to collect data and information about the students’ level of English in adult education in Europe. This test has tried to assess language level from a communicative point of view (conversations, dialogues, registers, etc.) and we have tried to avoid traditional grammar exercises. It follows the goal of the project, since we try to promote English as means of communication among European adults. Then the test was carried out in two groups of students in every partner institution and corrected by teachers involved in the project. Once corrected, the data and information collected have been carefully examined and processed and all coordinators from every European institution have written a final report on the results achieved by their students. During the project meetings and based on the test results and final reports, the coordinators and teachers of English involved in the partnership have drawn some general conclusions regarding how English is taught in their institutions and countries1. In this way the purpose of our test was reached because the conclusions from here will represent the starting point in the next level of our project: designing the teaching materials for adult classes.


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