We think that this project can be useful to get a general picture about how English as a foreign language is taught across Europe in basic adult education, in other words, how English is taught in adult teaching (language schools and language motivated students are not the goal of this project). We will work with real data and try to go beyond stereotypes because the research we are going to develop will be well structured and discussed in detail at the first meeting of the project. This should help all schools and institutions taking part in the project to improve their English as a foreign language teaching thanks to synergy. There will be an initial test students in every institution have to sit at the beginning of the project in order to be very clear their level of English. The same test will be held after 2 years, at the end of the partnership in order to see to what extent the use of new materials improved the students' level of English. During the partnership there will be meetings in every partner country and the mobilities will give teachers and students involved the chance to work together, to exchange ideas, to make the research and to draw conclusions based on it, etc. At every meeting there will be students and teachers from all partner institutions and among activities there will be lessons held by teachers to mixed groups of guest students and others from the host institution. 

We think, as well, that this partnership will help all members of the educative community to realize that English is a useful tool and a common means of communication for all European citizens. Students will have the opportunity to take part in lessons held by European teachers, they will be involved in different activities with foreign students working in groups and pairs and they will experience English as an active tool of communication in the interaction with other non-native English speakers (teachers and students) fully understanding how important is English for active European citizens and giving up their fears regarding speaking English. 

The main aim of this partnership is to improve the communicative skills and linguistic abilities of adult students. The objectives are: 

  • 1.To analyze, observe and compare how English as a foreign language is taught across Europe in adult education (non-language schools) in terms of educational programs and methodology of teaching 
  • 2.To promote cooperation and innovation in designing high-quality and innovative materials to be used in adult education for teaching English 
  • 3.To improve the language skills by promoting English language learning and linguistic diversity in the international lessons to be organized during the project meetings 
  • 4.To create conditions for real interaction and communication (peer learning) and for exchange of good practice between students and teachers from Europe in order to improve the quality of adult education 
  • 5.To support the development of ICT skills by creating the website of the project and by using the Internet and different tools for partners to communicate and work on the Project 
  • 6.To help improve the social skills of adult students through project meetings and online communication in order to reinforce the contribution of lifelong learning to active citizenship, intercultural dialogue and personal fulfillment 
  • 7.To promote competitiveness and employability by preparing adult students for the European labor market in terms of developing English and communicational skills 
  • 8.To provide an international framework for further cooperation (internships abroad, other European projects etc.) 

A communicative approach will be used to achieve these objectives and adult students are the central point of the project with their needs, personalities and backgrounds. Partners will find out about the way English is taught in Europe, will design suitable teaching materials for adults, will take part in international lessons and will develop their English and communicational skills.